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For many St. Louis families, cold weather brings the struggle to pay their heating bills and stay warm. Our most affected neighbors are elderly, disabled or have children under the age of five.

DollarHelp is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1982. Over the past three decades, with donations from St. Louisans across the city and counties, DollarHelp has raised more than $20 million. And as a service to the community, Laclede Gas, in partnership with United Way of Greater St. Louis, provides the administrative services to DollarHelp, so that every dollar you donate passes directly to those in need.

Approximately 90% of DollarHelp donations are from Laclede Gas customers who “Check the Red Box” to add $1 to their monthly gas bill to help families who need the help the most. Visit for more information.

Sign up to donate monthly via Laclede Gas Customer Connection.

Other ways to give:

  • Check the red box on your Laclede gas bill to automatically contribute $1 a month to DollarHelp
  • Overpay your Laclede Gas bill by exactly $1 for a one-time donation
  • Mail a check for any amount to:

    PO Box 8798
    St. Louis MO 63101
  • Make a bequest to DollarHelp in your Last Will and Testament
  • Add any amount you specify to your monthly bill.  Simply click here (pdf, 267.29KB), print, fill out and mail.
  • For more information on energy assistance, please download the St. Louis Energy Assistance Guide (pdf, 332.8KB)

The need is great. Every dollar helps. Thank you.

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