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Safe & Sure

Do you know the appropriate color of a natural gas flame? You should. The color of a natural gas flame could indicate improper combustion or venting, posing a potential risk for you and your family. It’s true blue with very little yellow or orange in the flame, by the way.

Safe & Sure

Safe & Sure is designed to ensure that customers understand the safe and proper operation of their natural gas appliances. Safe & Sure represents a commitment from Laclede, teaching customers how to put safety first to ensure the health and security of their families, co-workers and communities. In addition, Safe & Sure speaks to the dangers associated with tampering with a natural gas meter which can lead to a fire or explosion, risking the lives of innocent people.

The program is designed to help people identify potential problems within the household, provide education about safety and the proper operation of natural gas appliances, while assisting them in saving money and energy through the efficient operation of their natural gas appliances. Through Safe & Sure, customers learn how to avoid becoming a victim.

"Laclede Gas is more than a natural gas provider," said Douglas H. Yaeger, CEO, Chairman and President of The Laclede Group. "We are a resource for our customers and, as such, we’ve developed Safe & Sure to assist our customers in keeping their families safe."

A brochure outlining the program, along with checklists appropriate for printing and posting near your furnace are also available. The Natural Gas Appliance Service Checklist offers reminders on having your furnace inspected, as well as when to change filters and batteries in carbon monoxide and fire detectors. This checklist includes space to document the date of the last inspection and contact information for your local fire department and your preferred service company. The Helpful Tips Checklist details important information to keep your home or business safe.

Materials are available at many locations throughout the city of St. Louis, St. Louis and St. Charles counties. If you or your organization are interested in receiving an inventory of free materials and becoming a Safe & Sure distribution center, please contact Robert Arrol, Manager, Corporate Communications, at 314-342-0654 or

Laclede Gas meets the natural gas service needs of more than 630,000 customers across Eastern Missouri, maintaining 16,000 miles of underground gas lines up to and including the gas meter. Laclede takes many steps to ensure the safety and security of the communities in its service area, including routine monitoring and patrolling of the vast delivery and distribution system.

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