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Rules & Regulations

Laclede Gas Rules and Regulations
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Beginning Sheet Number Table of Contents

  1. R-3 Definitions
  2. R-4 General
  3. R-5 Applications
  4. R-5 Rate Changes
  5. R-5 Deposits
  6. R-6 Rendering and Payment of Bills
  7. R-7 Adjustment for Heat Content
  8. R-7 Metering for Billing
  9. R-8 Resale
  10. R-8 Meter Tests and Billing Adjustments
  11. R-10 Piping and Equipment
  12. R-10 Customer's Liability
  13. R-12 Tampering Prohibited
  14. R-12 Discontinuance of Service
  15. R-13 Reconnection of Service
  16. R-14 Company Inspection of Customer Premises
  17. R-15 Temporary Service
  18. R-15 Auxiliary Service
  19. R-15 Extension of Distribution Facilities
  20. R-20 Limitations Upon Company's Obligation to Supply Gas Service
  21. R-24 Emergency Curtailment Plan
  22. R-26 Meter Reading Non-Access Charge
  23. R-26 Collection Trip Charge
  24. R-27 Insulation Financing Program
  25. R-29 Disputes
  26. R-31 Settlement Agreement and Extension Agreement
  27. R-32 Cold Weather Maintenance of Service
  28. R-37 Promotional Practices
  29. R-39 Budget Billing Plan
  30. R-40 Usage Estimating Procedure
  31. R-41 Excess Flow Valves
  32. R-41 Service Initiation Charge
  33. R-42 Off-System Sales
  34. R-44 Weatherization Program/Red Tag Repair Program
  35. R-45 Conservation and Energy Efficiency Programs
  36. R-49 Low-Income Energy Affordability Program
  37. The PDF file format requires Adobe Reader to view.
    If you do not have Adobe Reader, please download a free copy from Adobe.

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