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NGV in St. Louis

This Contract Agreement with Laclede Gas Co. / Laclede Venture Corp. and Metro has proven successful. This sophisticated CNG fueling facility located at 3000 S. Brentwood has provided reliable service for the past six years. The facility serves Metros CNG Fleet of 36 CNG buses.

Lambert - St. Louis International Airport

Lambert Airport continues to expand their natural gas vehicle program

Lambert Airport now hosts two compressed natural gas (CNG) facilities: (1) Airfield Maintenance Facility and serves a fleet of CNG support vehicles including police cars, service vans, and pickup trucks. (2) The new "Super Park" CNG fueling facility located on Cypress Avenue serves the CNG shuttle fleet for Central Parking Systems, the St. Louis International Airport Parking Garage. Lambert St. Louis International Airport and Central Parking Systems, Incorporated presently operate thirty-six Ford Cutaway CNG Shuttle vehicles. These CNG vehicles have already proven very successful with the Parking Agency: the CNG shuttle vehicles perform very well, achieve excellent range and are extremely quiet! The entire Lambert - St. Louis International Airport Parking Garage "Super Park" shuttle fleet now operates on compressed natural gas!

Laclede Gas Company - Shrewsbury Facility

A limited access public fueling facility for customers operating natural gas vehicles.

Address: 4118 Shrewsbury Avenue, Shrewsbury, Missouri.

To contact us to make arrangements for fueling natural gas vehicles at this location email:

Tom Schultz, Laclede Gas Company:

Laclede Gas Company - Forest Park Garage

Laclede Gas Company has completed the renovations and upgrades to our compressed natural gas fueling facility at the Forest Park Garage.

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