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Gas Fired Humidifier

Commercial HVAC systems often incorporate humidifiers to maintain indoor air quality and comfort. Gas Fired Humidifiers produce chemical-free humidification at a fraction of the cost of electric steam humidifiers.

Steam humidifiers are engineered to keep ducts dry by adding water in a vapor state, thereby preventing water buildup that can lead to the presence of bacteria and cause odors. Moisture from steam humidifiers is absorbed into the air within a few feet of where it enters the air stream.

In the past, steam humidifiers were primarily all-electric, but manufacturers have recently started building gas-fired units, due to their significant operating cost advantage. The additional cost of a gas-fired humidifier is often recovered over a short period of time in saved energy cost. If you would like assistance determining the payback for a specific application please call.

Floor Mounted Gas Humifier Gas Fired Humidifier


  • Clean Steam. Gas fired humidifiers produce chemical free stream.
  • Electric service reduction. The electric service required for installation is single-phase 120 volts.
  • Economical. Main energy source is economical natural gas with about an 80% efficiency rating.
  • Controls. Unit controls are compatible with most building management control systems.
  • Service water. Can use tap or treated water. Treated water decreases the frequency of unit cleanings.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Low NOx burners with modulated input.
Components of a Gas Fired Humidifier

Critical Humidification Applications:

  • Hospitals/Surgical Suites
  • Processing
  • Computer Rooms
  • Laboratories

Proper Humidification:

  • Reduces Bacterial and Virus Growth
  • Controls Static Electricity
  • Increases Human Comfort
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