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Engine Driven Chillers

Commercial natural gas engine driven chillers are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from three tons, to over 4,000 Tons. Engine chillers have the versatility to be used in almost any situation requiring chilled water. These chillers are available in both water - and air-cooled models. Economical recovery options are available to recover heat from the engine jacket, oil, and exhaust. Heat recovery can be used for domestic water heating, pre-heating, absorption cooling, desiccant regeneration, and other process requirements.

The compact design of engine chillers has a comparable footprint to that of electric chillers and in most cases can utilize the existing cooling towers, pumps, and piping in retrofit applications. In addition, engine driven chillers with condenser flow rates lower than 3 gpm/ton can be installed without additional piping expenses.

Standard engine driven compressor packages for industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration applications are available up to 150 hp, with custom units above 200 hp. Commercial refrigeration packages designed specially for supermarket applications are also available.

Natural Gas Engine Chiller, 400 ton Natural Gas Engine Chiller, 110 ton

Benefits of Gas Engine Chillers:

  • High part load efficiencies. The engine yields to variable-speed operation to optimize the system'senergy efficiency at a minimum rpm.
  • Electric service reduction. The electric service required for chiller installation is substantially reduced. This is especially important in retrofit applications where the cooling load requires new larger chillers.
  • Alternate power source. For critical applications requiring guaranteed cooling, engines have lower back-up electrical generator requirements.
  • Economical. Typically, the lowest life cycle cost for any type of chiller.
  • Proven Technology. Natural gas engine life, with the recommended maintenance, is comparable to electric motors.
  • Heat recovery. An option for high temperature heat recovery, up to 225F, is available with no additional fuel input requirement.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Non-CFC refrigerant and reduced CO2 emissions when displacing electricity produced from coal or oil.

Several successful installations are located in the St. Louis region.

The following Laclede Gas Offices have engine driven chillers and tours can be arranged for interested parties.

  • Berkeley Office 80 Tons
  • Forest Park Office 160 Tons
  • Shrewsbury Office 80 Tons

Other installations in the St. Louis region include:

  • Nooney Mgmt./Laclede Gas Bldg. 700 Tons
  • Belleville High School 350 Tons
  • Principia College 350 Tons

Chiller Size and Efficiency

  • Air Cooled:
    • 3 to 240 Tons
    • 0.9 to 1.2 COP IPLV
  • Water Cooled:
    • 25 to 4,000 Tons
    • 1.5 to 2.4 COP IPLV
  • Rooftop:
    • 20 & 30 Tons
    • 0.8 to 1.2 COP
  • Refrigeration:
    • 4 to 1200 Tons

Typical Engine Heat Recovery Factors:

  • Engine Jacket:
    • 30% (Approx. 200 F)
  • Exhaust:
    • 20% (Approx. 1,000 F)
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