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Identity Theft

If you have been the victim of identity theft and your stolen identity has been used to illegally secure natural gas service for someone else, there are several steps you will need to take before service may be established in your name:

  • Obtain a police report.
  • Complete an "Identity Theft Victims' Complaint and Affidavit" form and have it notarized. The form may be accessed by clicking here or by downloading and completing the PDF housed on this page. The form must be notarized.
  • Mail the police report and notarized "Identity Theft Victims' Complaint and Affidavit" form to Laclede Gas Company, Credit & Collections Department, 800 Market St., St. Louis, MO 63101. You may also email the documents to

Identity Theft Victims' Complaint and Affidavit

Don't Get Scammed

Remember the old adage, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?" That statement rings true now more than ever and applies to pretty much anything, even utility services such as natural gas.

Whenever natural gas service has been disconnected, there are certain steps that the customer must initiate to ensure that the service is restored safely and legally. Authorized gas company representatives do not go knocking door-to-door asking if they can turn the gas back "on." If you’re ever in a position where your gas has been turned "off" and someone offers to reconnect you for a nominal fee … BEWARE and put your own safety first.

If you have not scheduled or expect a service-related appointment, question anyone requesting access to your home; regardless of the utility, company or service they say is being represented. No one should be allowed into a home until they can show proper identification or service call confirmation has been received from the company. If need be, call the company and ask about the situation prior to giving access. If ever you feel your safety is or has been compromised, please contact your local authorities immediately.

Restoration of natural gas service is scheduled in advance once the past due account has been paid in full. In the St. Louis region, natural gas services are provided by Laclede Gas Company.

Laclede Gas employees do not solicit service reconnections door-to-door nor do they accept onsite payment for services. Laclede Gas Company service technicians are in uniform, carry proper company photo identification cards and drive vehicles marked with the gas company logo. Reconnection of natural gas service by anyone other than Laclede Gas Company is illegal and dangerous. Laclede will prosecute persons for tampering with a meter set or its facilities.

In order to have service restored, it is the customer’s responsibility to make the proper arrangements with their gas company.

First, the customer must pay their past due account in full at an authorized payment location.

Then, it is the customer’s responsibility to call Laclede Gas Company to arrange for a service technician to come to the residence to restore natural gas service.

Laclede Gas customers should not hesitate to contact customer service at 314-621-6960 if they have questions regarding a service call or to verify that service work is scheduled at their residence or to verify the identity of the service technicians on site. Customers noting suspicious activity involving Laclede Gas Company assets or personnel should contact the company and the police immediately.

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