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Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Rebate Program

Program Description

Laclede’s 2015-2016 C&I Rebate program provides business customers standard and custom rebates for the implementation of natural gas energy efficiency measures. Businesses may also be eligible for an energy audit rebate when a recommended improvement that qualifies for a rebate is completed.


Laclede Commercial and Industrial Customers of all rate classes are eligible to participate in the Laclede C&I Rebate program.
Customers may receive standard and/or custom rebates up to $100,000 per program year.

How to Apply

Download the Standard, Custom or Energy Audit rebate application packet for more information on program requirements and to apply for your rebate.

Standard Rebates

Standard rebates provide business customers with pre-determined incentives for the installation of qualified natural gas equipment and improvements, including HVAC, boiler, water heating systems and food service equipment. Standard rebates are based on quantity, size and efficiency of the equipment. Project pre-approval is not required to receive a standard rebate.

Custom Rebates

Custom rebates may be available to business customers who install energy-saving improvements or equipment not eligible for a standard rebate. These projects may include less common measures or the integration of a number of measures to achieve significant energy savings. All Custom projects must receive a pre-approved rebate commitment from Laclede before the project begins. Pre-approval notification will be sent by email within four weeks of receipt of a complete application and required documentation.

Energy Audit Rebate

Laclede offers an Energy Audit Rebate to customers who have completed minimum requirements of an ASHRAE Level I facility audit by a qualified energy audit professional and complete at least one recommended energy efficiency measure that qualifies for a standard or custom rebate under the program.

Terms and Conditions

View or download the MGE C&I Rebate Program terms and conditions for complete program requirements.

Have Questions?

Please call our rebate coordinator at (800) 426-5784 or (302) 504-3084 or email

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