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Reading A Gas Meter

How to Read a Meter


Gas meters record usage on large circular recording dials that register 1,000 cubic feet or more per revolution of the hand. When a hand is between two numbers, care must be exercised to read the number that the hand has just passed, which will always be the smaller of the two numbers. To calculate usage, assume the first reading is 6980 and the second reading is 7098; simply subtract the first reading from the second reading.

Second Reading 7098
First Reading 6980
Gas Usage 118 ccf (hundred cubic feet)

To check the usage on your gas bill, read the meter on or about the same day that we obtain a reading from the AMR device. When you receive your gas bill, check the date of your reading with the reading date on your bill. If you read the meter on a different date than printed on your bill, the readings and usage will probably vary.

NOTE: Missouri Public Service Commission regulations require that we change our gas meters periodically. It is necessary for us to enter your home to complete the meter change, relight pilot lights, and check your appliances. There is no charge for this service.

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