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Welcome to the Laclede Gas "Ask the Experts" Answer Center. Please click on your question below to be directed to the answer.

  1. What methods are available for payment of my gas bill?
  2. What is budget billing?
  3. How can I avoid estimated bills?
  4. How do I read my meter?
  5. When is a deposit required and when is it returned?
  6. What types of assistance and financing does Laclede Gas Company offer?
  7. What is the Cold Weather Rule?
  8. Can I have my due date and delinquent date changed on my account?
  9. Why was my gas service disconnected and how do I get it reconnected?
  10. Why would your collection department need to do an investigation before turning on my gas service?
  11. What types of service work does Laclede offer?
  12. Prior to digging in my yard, whom should I call?
  13. What should I do if I smell gas?
  14. Whom do I call in case of emergency?
  15. Who is responsible for making sure my appliances and gas lines meet local codes?
  16. Whom do I call about relocating my gas meter?
  17. Who maintains buried fuel lines?
  18. What do I do if I plan to move?
  19. What if I plan to be away from home for awhile?
  20. What is a PGA?
  21. How do I establish gas service?
  22. What does it cost to establish gas service?
  23. What is Dollar-Help and how can I donate?
  24. How can I get heating assistance?
  25. How can I get my gas appliance repaired?
  26. How can I get my furnace inspected?
  27. Can you help me learn about natural gas usage and natural gas appliances?
  28. Do you sell gift certificates?
  29. Can you help me learn more about energy conservation?
  30. Can you help me purchase a high-efficiency natural gas furnace and other gas appliances?
  31. Do you provide speakers for organizations and schools?
  32. What other consumer information do you offer?
  33. What are my rights and obligations if I have a question or complaint about my bill?
  34. How does Laclede help the community?
  35. What types of grants does Laclede Charitable Trust offer?
  36. Do you have any job openings?
  37. How do I contact Laclede Gas or one of its divisions?
  38. What is the Monthly Customer Charge? (pdf, 7.32KB)
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