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Elderly & Disabled Notification Program

Elderly and disabled customers are eligible for a special program aimed at preventing interruption of natural gas service during the winter. If you or a member of your household are age 65 or older, or are disabled, you are encouraged to register for this program. Once registered and before a winter interruption becomes necessary, Laclede will:

  • send two notices to the customer by mail; attempt to reach the customer by telephone, if possible; and make personal contact on the premises with the customer or any member of the family who is over the age of 15; and
  • notify a party selected by the customer; such as a family member, social service agency or charitable organization, so that outside help can be provided.

Customers who register, and designate a third-party contact, have the peace of mind that Laclede will notify someone who can work on their behalf to avoid natural gas service interruption.

Call the Customer Service Department at (314) 621-6960 (1-800-887-4173) for information on registering for the Company Notification Plan or click below for a registration form:
Elderly, Disabled and/or Low Income Customer Form

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