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Understanding Your Bill

Your natural gas bill is based primarily on the volume of gas delivered to your residence or business, and the per unit price of that gas. It consists of three main parts: Commodity costs, Transportation costs, and Distribution costs.

The following graph details where each dollar of your Laclede gas bill goes (based on fiscal 2009 information):

In June 2010, the design of the monthly billing statement was updated with a new, colorful graphic that showcases the Company's "green" logo and tag line, "The Original Green Energy." Billing materials for Missouri Natural customers now carry the Laclede Gas “green” logo in conjunction with the “Missouri Natural Gas” name.

In addition, we’ve taken a fresh approach to the helpful information documented on the back of the bills, consolidating information from the previous forms and adding more details.

To learn how to read or interpret your natural gas bill, please click on either of the following PDFs:
How To Read Your Gas Bill (pdf, 1.17MB)

To learn how to calculate your bill, click here.

For contact and back-of-bill information, click here.

For downloadable and printable bill inserts by month, click here.

To learn more about the various component which make up a monthly gas bill, please download the following PDF file from The Missouri Public Service Commission (reprinted with permission). The document explains various fees and charges, details information on the key factors that affect the price of natural gas, and has been adapted to include a sample Laclede Gas bill with descriptions of various items.

Your Natural Gas Bill (pdf, 523.83KB)

The PDF file format requires Adobe Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Reader, please download a free copy from Adobe..

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