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2007 Bill Redesign

Bills for Laclede Gas and Missouri Natural Gas customers have a new look and offer more detailed information. Customers started receiving the updated design in mid June 2007.

Laclede Gas engaged in a comprehensive design process, hosting focus groups in its service area to find out what customers wanted in terms of information on the bill. Focus group feedback supported the need for more information, privacy protection and amenities, such as a return payment envelope.

The redesign features:

  • an expanded, letter-sized (8.5”x11”) format;
  • easy to understand usage and account information – both detailed and in summary;
  • a return payment envelope;
  • bar chart and table that compares current usage and billing information to the previous month and same month from the prior year.  Comparison information will be dependent upon the date natural gas service was established for a customer, as well as the availability of usage information for the defined periods.;
  • important information regarding payment options, definitions of billing terms, and other helpful customer messages;
  • contact information for all billing and customer service needs; and
  • delivery in an envelope to shield personal and account information.

The redesigned bill is another step in the updating of Laclede’s billing process, which started with the installation of Cellnet Automated Meter Reading (AMR) devices. The use of AMR devices virtually eliminates the need for estimated meter reads or customer self reads, as actual usage information is transmitted to Laclede on a daily basis.

The new bill format joins a list of enhanced customer service steps already in place at Laclede, including extended call center hours and days of operation; the addition of customer service representatives; customer assistance programs; convenient and multiple payment options; a redesigned Web site and virtual hold technology, which offers callers the option of keeping their place in line and receiving a call back from a Laclede representative in lieu of remaining on hold.

Comments on the new bill format? Let us know by e-mailing or by leaving us a message at (314) 342-3330. This e-mail address and the phone number have been established for bill redesign feedback only. If you would like to contact Laclede Gas or Missouri Natural Gas for any other reasons, please click on the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page.

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