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Save yourself some time – pay your gas bill online.

Now, pay your gas bills online. It’s a faster, easier way to receive and pay your gas bill. And you can schedule your payment for the exact date you select. Plus, it’s secure, accurate and free through our partnership with CheckFree, an Internet leader in online billing.

To begin the e-bill option, you will need to enroll with an online billing service provider. Some providers are free, and others charge a monthly fee for their service packages. It up to you to select which option works best for you.

Two online billing options

My CheckFree

Laclede's free e-bill

Laclede has contracted with CheckFree to give you the opportunity to pay your gas bill online. To begin using our free e-bill, you must log on to CheckFree’s web site – – and enroll with CheckFree. To enroll, you must provide personal information, including your financial institution data, a logon name and password to CheckFree.

Other e-bill service providers

If you need more services than our free e-bill offers, you can pay your bills through other e-bill service providers, most of which charge a fee for their services.

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