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e-bill Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions of Laclede Gas Company’s electronic billing and payment (e-bill) program:


"e-bill" – means a bill delivered electronically to you, or to a website selected by you, that can be viewed on a computer screen.

"E-bill Service Provider" – means the service provider you have chosen to receive and/or facilitate payment of your Laclede e-bills.

"Laclede," "we" or "us" – means the Laclede Gas Company.

"Program" – means Laclede’s Electronic Billing and Payment Program.

"You" and "your" – refers to the party or parties who enroll in the Program.

No Change to Gas Service or Rates

Your participation in the Program only affects the method by which you communicate with Laclede, including, but not limited to, how you receive and pay your bill, how you receive an initial disconnect notice, and how you receive notice of a seasonal rate change. Laclede’s gas service and rates are still regulated by the Missouri Public Service Commission.

Notice to Residential Customers of Seasonal Rate Changes

Please take notice that rates for Residential General Service (RG) and Residential Seasonal Air Conditioning Service (RA) are seasonal, with lower rates May through October and higher rates November through April.

No Paper Bills

After you have been accepted into the Program, you will receive a final paper bill informing you that you have been enrolled into the Program and that such paper bill is the last paper bill you will receive so long as you remain enrolled in the Program. Your e-bill will be created on the same schedule as your paper bill would have been created. It is your responsibility to periodically check your e-mail or log on to your E-bill Service Provider in order to check on the delivery of new e-bills. Note that if you agree to receive bills electronically, we will not send you paper bills in an alternative format that you may have previously arranged, such as in Braille or large print.

E-bill Service Provider

Your receipt and payment of Laclede e-bills is subject to the terms and conditions of the E-bill Service Provider you have chosen. Please refer to the E-bill Service Provider’s website for its terms and conditions of service.

Electronic Payment of E-bill

To participate in the Program, you will be expected to pay your bill electronically. As a courtesy, you will be allowed to make one non-electronic payment each year. However, we may revoke your participation in the Program if you make more than one non-electronic payment within a 12-month period.

Please note that your E-bill Service Provider may require a certain amount of time, such as 2 to 4 business days, to process your payment. Therefore, in order to avoid a late charge, a disconnection notice or even a potential disconnection, you must schedule your payment to be made on or before the due date. Unless otherwise required by law, a late charge of 1.5% will be applied to all amounts remaining unpaid after the delinquent date shown on your bill. Also, a charge of $10 will be assessed against your account for any payment returned by your bank due to insufficient funds.

Change in Service Location

Your participation in the Program will not be affected if you move within Laclede’s service territory and we assign you a new account number.

Disconnection Notice

If we must send you disconnection notices, we may deliver the first notice with your e-bill. We will deliver subsequent disconnection notices in the same manner that we deliver them to all customers.

Leaving the Program

You may discontinue participating in the Program at any time by giving notice to your E-bill Service Provider. We reserve the right to discontinue your participation in the Program for any reason, including repeated non-electronic payments, late payments or non-payments of your e-bill. If we discontinue your participation in the Program, we will notify you. Regardless of whether you or we discontinue your participation in the Program, if you remain a Laclede customer, we will begin sending you a paper bill. If you leave the Program, we reserve the right to deny a future application to participate in the Program.


By participating in the Program, you agree to these terms and conditions of service. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time. In such event, we will notify you. The notification may accompany your e-bill.

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