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What is AMR and how does it work?
AMR is an acronym for automated meter reading, a state-of-the-art technology that enables Laclede Gas to read your gas meter automatically. The AMR system employs a wireless fixed network with read devices that will be attached to existing meter sets of all Laclede Gas customers. Reads from each meter are transmitted to local network receivers and transferred to Laclede’s customer billing system, resulting in the production of a timely, accurate bill.

What are the benefits of an AMR system?
AMR eliminates the need for Laclede Gas to arrange access with customers with inside meters to obtain readings, essentially doing away with estimated bills.

Who received AMR devices?
Nearly all residential and commercial natural gas customers in the Laclede Gas and Missouri Natural (MONAT) service areas have had AMR devices installed on the existing meter sets.

Who installs and maintains the AMR device?
In 2005, Laclede partnered with Cellnet Technology, Inc. (now Landis + Gyr) to install and maintain the meter-reading devices. AMR devices have been installed on existing meter sets of all Laclede Gas and Missouri Natural (MONAT) customers.

Who is Landis + Gyr?
Landis + Gyr is the world's leader in smart metering and energy management solutions. The company was established in 1896 and was originally known as "Electrotechnishes Institut Theiler and Co." Landis + Gyr has operations spanning more than 30 countries and serves all of the major utilities in every continent. In 2009, Landis + Gyr acquired Cellnet Technology, Inc., Laclede's original AMR partner.

Will AMR service interfere with my radio, telephone, computer or other equipment?
No, the transmitting device operates in compliance with FCC regulations to avoid interference with other electronic devices. The AMR system operates independently at a low-power frequency reserved for this purpose and will not interfere with other equipment.

Is my account information secure?
Yes. It’s a scrambled, secure process in which only meter readings or module numbers are transmitted. AMR does not transmit personal customer information.

Does AMR affect Laclede's Budget Billing plan?
AMR has no affect whatsoever on Budget Billing.

Will a technician stop by periodically to check on the AMR system?
Representatives will be available if there is a problem with the AMR system. The battery only has to be replaced every 8-10 years. If your meter is inside your building, we may need to make an appointment to provide service.

Will I still see Laclede service trucks in my area?
Yes. Laclede Gas service personnel will continue to provide timely and efficient service for all gas-related customer service needs.

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