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Laclede Gas Offers Ways to Save Time and Energy This Holiday Season

November 20, 2012

ST. LOUIS (November 20, 2012) ― Thanksgiving is a time for delicious food shared with cherished family and friends. But as the holidays roll around, your stove and oven may be working overtime. Thankfully when cooking with gas, you can save time and lower your energy costs with a few simple steps:

Plan Ahead: 

· Preheat - Preheat the oven only when necessary (Example: baking cakes and quick breads). The broiler needs preheating only for rare steaks.
· Thaw - Thawed foods cook faster. Keep this in mind when cooking your turkey.
· Multi-task - When possible, bake several dishes at the same temperature.

Helpful Hints:

· Uncover - Keep oven air passages clear. Blocking them with aluminum foil or oven liners can cause poor air flow and uneven baking.
· Cleanse - Clean burner tips to provide a more efficient heat while saving energy. Use soap and water to clean them and always look for a nice blue flame.
· Examine - On stovetop burners use the smallest flame possible. Take a look - the flame should never exceed the pan’s width.
· Boil - Water boils faster in covered pans - add a lid and save time.
· Minimize - Cook vegetables in small amounts of water. Avoid overcooking, which reduces nutritional value.
· Conserve - Each time you open the oven it loses about 20 percent of its heat. Keep the oven door closed while cooking to prevent heat loss and save energy.

Saving energy in the kitchen this holiday will have you thankful for lower energy bills well into the new year. For more ways to make your home more energy efficient, visit



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