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Be Safe & Sure When Using Natural Gas

December 31, 2008

Laclede Gas Company reminds everyone to be Safe & Sure as we begin the new year, and to follow common sense safety practices when using or working around natural gas.

  • Call before you dig. The “Underground Facility Safety and Damage Prevention Act” (§319 of the Missouri Revised Statutes), commonly referred to as the “one-call law,” promotes safety by requiring everyone to call prior to digging. Before you start a project involving any excavation, call 1-800-DIG-RITE (1-800-344-7483), or 811 (national one-call number) to request that your project area be marked. The call and locating services are free of charge. By law, a call is required not less than three working days and not more than 10 working days before digging begins. Laclede’s facilities are marked with yellow paint and/or flags. Never dig without marks on the ground. If marks are not clearly visible at the start of your project, call 1-800-DIG-RITE to have them refreshed.

  • If you smell the odor of natural gas, leave immediately. Do not turn anything on or off – even light switches or cell phones – to avoid the possibility of creating a spark. From another location, call Laclede’s emergency number (314-342-0800).

  • Do not attempt to turn gas service on yourself or tamper with the meter or the fuel lines in any way. If natural gas service needs to be restored or there is a question about the meter, call Laclede.

  • Have connections on natural gas appliances checked. Flexible pipe connectors can begin to leak over time and should be inspected regularly by Laclede or a qualified service contractor. Connectors should be replaced if found to be in poor condition and should never be reused from one appliance to the next.

  • If a gas appliance is disconnected, be sure that the gas pipe is capped.

  • Gas pipes should not be used as clotheslines, free-form closets or grounds for electrical appliances.

For additional information about Safe & Sure, visit

Laclede Gas Company, a subsidiary of The Laclede Group (NYSE: LG), has provided safe and reliable service to the residents of the St. Louis Metropolitan area for more than 150 years. It is the largest natural gas distribution company in Missouri, serving approximately 630,000 customers in St. Louis and surrounding counties in Eastern Missouri.

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